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How Gamification Affects Employee Engagement.

If you have a company, unless you are planning to be working alone, you need to make sure that you have employees who are dedicates to seeing the company move forward. You, as the employer, will have to make sure that the employees are not going through a difficult time in their work to the point where they are frustrated hence slowing down their work. In matters to do with motivation, companies which understand how important the employees are to the firm will make sure that they are not left behind when issues which affect the company are discusses.

Gamification is a tried and tested method to make sure that employees are well motivated. It is not just about making employees compete against each other in order for you as the business owner to benefit but rather promoting their intrinsic drives which make the eager to do better. Through scientific studies, the culture of giving employees points, leaderboards and even badges because they have shown exemplary work in performance has been rules out as not being that effective compared to gamification.

Provision of tangible things is an extrinsic motivation process and it is not efficient nor sustainable. When games are involved, the employees will feel autonomous, have a mastery sense as well as see some meaning in the work. Anything that seems like work is not well liked by people which is why many tend to resist it and they will be rushing to go home but once you make it seem like a play or game, the engagement level will be high and they can end up spending much time on the same without realizing that they are actually working.

When you do not have a culture in your organization, it is not going to have a direction but remember that not everything you pull up to the employees is going to be accepted with open arms but if you make it seem like a game, they will adopt it even before they know what is going on. Learn that communication and management of performance are other areas where you can depend on gamification to help you out. In making decision in your firm, you need to make sure that you are objective and this means having data all the time which is why gamification will help you a lot because it ensures data collection is an automatic as well as a continuous ordeal.

Objective data means a lot of managers. If you are a manager, you will no longer have to spend long nights reading reports in order to know what to say on your next meeting. Consequently, the employees will be provided with information about how well they are doing and the areas they need to improve on so that they can be acting based on facts.

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