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Why Readiness for Your Teaching Certification Exam is Critical

If you intend to become a teacher in specific states, there are certain tests you’ll be subjected to assess your knowledge of the subject matter. Such tests require that you’re prepared, otherwise you may not reach the cutoff point necessary for further training or entry into the teaching profession. Thankfully, you can utilize important tools, like Praxis Core practice test or CBEST practice test and get ready to take important exams, paving the way for a teaching certification.

Defining the CBEST Exams

If you intend to teach at any Oregon or California school (or join a school’s administration in any of the states), you have to first sit for and pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). Legislators mandated the test for aspiring teachers to ensure that all educators had and could showcase minimum skills in a number of important subjects, ascertaining that students received a quality education.

CBEST is administered in English only, and it attempts to gauge a future educator’s basic mastery of math, reading, and writing. The test has three sections, each of which is scored from 20-80. The lowest pass score possible is 41, so, unless you total 123 for all three parts, you’ve not passed the test. If you get as low as 37 in one of the tests, but overall you have 123 or above, you’re considered successful. But any mark lower than 37 for a single test is overall failure, no matter what the total marks are.

Defining the Praxis Core Test

Praxis Core assessments attempt to determine if a would-be teacher has basic capacity to write, read, and do math. The tests were developed such that they can comprehensively assess the knowledge of a candidate that seeks to join a teaching preparation program.

Certain institutions of higher learning do give Praxis Core tests to evaluate individuals who are joining their teacher training programs. Additionally, you may not be licensed to teach at schools in many states unless you have a good Praxis Core score.

Praxis assessments are given on a PC, same as CBEST. Whichever test you take, remember that adequate preparation is important as your teaching career depends on passing. When you utilize resources like Praxis Core practice test, you encounter questions similar to what you may face during the actual test moment. In addition, preparing using study guides will help you learn to handle the pressures of the test and coping with the required pace since the tests are timed.

So, it’s important to grab your CBEST or Praxis Core study guide right now if you aspire to train and become a licensed educator in your state.

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