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Why It is Advantageous to Use a Franking Machine

A franking machine is a device that prints postage stamps and your company’s logo on envelopes and postcards. These devices are digital and calculate the weight of your mail to stamp it with the correct stamp value. All its payments are carried out online between your post office and select bank enlisted by the companies which offer the service.

If your business happens to process a massive load of mails frequently, then you should use a franking machine. Here are the reasons why franking machines are beneficial to use:

Saves time
Usually, when you are not sure about the amount you have to pay for your mail, you would require visiting the post office to get the details. A franking machine is incorporated with a weighing scale which calculates the precise amount you ought to pay as per the post office rates. This saves you the visit to the post office and time you would wait in line trying to get help. Again, calculate the time it takes you to manually apply stamps on all the mails that you have to prepare. A franking machine does the job faster, saving even more time.

Saves money
Without the help of post office tellers and the franking machine, many people usually apply an estimated cost for their stamp postage. In many cases, the estimate is often either an overcharge or other times an undercharge. Overstamping your mail makes you lose money unnecessarily, while understamping attracts fines for the mistake. The accuracy experienced with a franking machine helps your business save money wasted on estimates.

The postal offices gives discounts to promote the use of franked mail because it is easier to manage. Traditional stamps involve a lot of manual work to issue them out and evaluate mail for accuracy, all of which the franking machines eliminate. The discounts also help you to save a lot of money in the long run.

They enhance accountability
The franking machine records postage, making it easier for you to come up with reports of your postage. This information gives your business an opportunity to claim full expenses from the taxman and to formulate measures to control mailing costs.

Improved Business Image
Franked mail makes your company come across as professional in the eyes of those who receive your mail. Its results are neat and the logo printed on envelopes or postcards helps to grow your brand in the minds of those who see your mail. With the franking machine, you can include promotional text or tag line on your company’s mail at no extra cost to advertise new offers, services, products, and so on.

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