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Guide to Straight Razors

What is great about straight razors is that they provide a close shave and it does not irritate your skin after shaving. Today when men are now focused on skin care, the straight razor is staging a comeback after being relegated to the background for years.

In the early 1700s straight razors were already being used to shave men’s beards. Before the 20th century this was the shaving method preferred by men. Before, men had to go to barbers for a shave because it was the barbers who were trained in the art of providing a close, fast shave. Before, shaving was done by the local barber and men had to go to his shop for shaving because men didn’t shave at home. It was only the straight razor that was used by a barber to shave men, until the time came when the disposable safety razor was invented.

Despite the expense, the disposable safety razor gained popularity fast because of its convenient use and this brought the straight razor out of its popularity. When the use of the straight razor dipped, barber schools had to change how they educated their would-be barbers. They now had to lessen their focus on perfecting the art of shaving another man with a straight razor.

It is surprising that the straight razor is staging a comeback at present with more men wanting to learn how to use it at home. If you care for your straight razor blade, it can last you a lifetime as long as you take good care of it. The appeal is using the straight razor, at present, comes not only from its manly appearance but also because it provides a close shave.

Since it does not cause much skin irritation, many men love using it. Ladies love watching men us a straight razor because of its manly appeal.

If you are going to use a straight razor, you need to learn the various stropping methods for blade sharpening. Before each use, your blade needs to be stropped properly. Leather and canvas strops are the common strops to use. Stropping straightens and polishes the blade to keep it sharp and perform its best. There is also a need for honing your blades yearly, at least 2 to 3 times. Blades can be sent out to be honed because it can be very dangerous since the blade is extremely sharp and has no safety features like the modern disposable razors.

Time is needed if you are going to use a straight razor. Each morning, you need to spend a considerable amount of time to use the straight razor for shaving. Shaving with a straight razor has left men really refreshed and focused for the day ahead. You need to stick to your usual disposable or electric razor if you are someone who is always in a hurry.

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